Days 5-8

Day 5 (Sunday): Nothing crazy to note here, except continued crazy dreams. One was a dream about a school shooting I was trying to prevent (unsuccessful – no one believed me). I remember seeing this guy planning it, not trying to hide it. My strategy was to be on his good side, without being an accessory. I would babysit his younger brother, thinking if the brother liked me, I’d be spared in the shooting. I saw the shooter at school that day and he had an umbrella with a duckhead for a handle. We had a firedrill, which was a part of his plan. As everyone evacuated the school I was trying to discreetly warn every teacher, every adminstrator to get everyone far away from the school as fast as possible. That umbrella was actually a gun, and no one believed me. I woke up before seeing anything terrible.

On the other side, my other dream was about April the Giraffe. You know, the Giraffe that’s been pregnant for a million years. Even though the zoo she’s at promised they would not intervene with letting nature take its course, the zoo forgot they were on camera (they have a streaming video to YouTube) and began to “secretly” induce labor–yet everyone saw it happen on YouTube. Outrage ensued.

Day 6 (Monday): Woke up from another vivid dream of being very, very pregnant (I AM NOT). I would look down at my stomach and see a literal outline of a baby foot sticking out my side. Let’s not talk about that dream anymore 🙂

This is the first day I’ve noticed actual skin peeling/flaking off on my face, specifically my nose and forehead.

Day 7 (Tuesday): Yay! First day without waking up from weird dreams. I’ve still got some peeling going on on my forehead and nose.

What’s new is that the part of the sides of my nose that attaches to my face next to the nostrils (does that have a name?) is BURNING and ITCHING BAD! I put some product on it throughout the day. I’ll share my products later. Also, I feel like I’m seeing some improvement in my skin. While I do feel like I have a couple budding cysts on the sides of my chin, what was visible is clearing up really well.

Day 8 (Wednesday): The side-nostril action is worse! SO ITCHY! I also have some itchy patches on my scalp. I’m so glad I started my moisturizing plan early – cannot imagine what it would be like if I hadn’t.

One other thing I didn’t know to be prepared for: inner ear dryness and itch. DO NOT USE QTIPS! You need every bit of wax you can get inside your ear to combat the dryness – you can’t put moisturizer in there! My ear is flaking skin and I gave in and used a Q-Tip to itch the inside of my ear. Made it SO much worse. Learn from my mistake! Also – don’t use any drops that have alcohol in them!

Okay – stay tuned. I’m going to share the products I’m using to hydrate my skin and my routine.